Types of Financial Assistance

Types of Financial Assistance for individual and group action

Through your Réseau Agriconseils, you may use individual or group advisory services. But what about financial assistance? Are you entitled to it? If so, what is the amount that could be allocated?

The Advisory Services Program provides a maximum assistance rate between 50% and 85%, depending on the:

  • areas of focus;
  • eligible activities;
  • targeted client base;
  • government priorities.

Financial assistance regarding all eligible advisory services may not exceed the following amounts for the term of the program, i.e. until March 31, 2023.

Areas of FocusMaximum Financial Assistance per Business for Program TermMaximum Budgetary Envelope per Business for Program Term
Added value$5,000

* The maximum budget envelope is $ 30,000 per business over a 5-year period. For clients meeting the definition of succession and start-up as well as for organic production companies or those in conversion to organic production, the maximum budget envelope is $ 40,000.

See your Réseau Agriconseils for more information.