Getting Support

How to Benefit from Advisory Services?

You wish to use advisory services, but are discouraged by their administrative side? By calling upon your Réseau Agriconseils, there is no need to track your claim. Your network’s manager and the advisory service provider take care of those details.

Download the farm business registration form from the réseau Agriconseils by clicking on the ” Inscription de l’entreprise au réseau ” tab on the “Guides et formulaires ” page.

In three easy steps, you can get advisory services that meet your needs:

Reception and ReferenceOnce your needs have been identified, your network’s manager directs you to potential providers1.
Service ContractYou enter into a service contract with the selected provider, who sends a copy of the contract to the network.
Invoicing and Follow-UpAfter providing the advisory services stipulated in the contract, the provider gives you a detailed invoice and a deliverable2. You must sign the invoice and send it back to the provider with the payment. The provider is the one sending a copy of the signed invoice to the network. Upon reception, your network’s manager will pay their consideration to the provider. They may also check, at any time, if the advisory services you received were compliant.

1 As part of the subsidized activities, your Réseau Agriconseils must have entered into an eligibility agreement with the provider.

2 The deliverable and the signed invoice are importants documents enabling the network to ensure the advisory service has been provided. Therefore, your signature is essential evidence.

You wish to express dissatisfaction with the advisory services provided by a provider registered with the Réseaux Agriconseils or the services provided by a Réseau Agriconseils? For your information, a client service continuous improvement process has been implemented to properly manage dissatisfactions.

Download the Dissatisfaction Form.