The 13 réseaux

Carte des réseaux régionauxlink

    Everywhere in the Province

    Since 2006, the networks can be found in thirteen regions of the province. They were created by the MAPAQ (Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) and the UPA (Professional Farmers’ Union Organization) to optimize and gather all advisory service resources. Through them, agricultural producers can benefit from sound advice regarding their decision-making and the conduct of their business.

    When partnership agreements are renewed, each network signs an Agreement with the MAPAQ. This document recognizes, among others, the networks’ crucial role as regional development partners making a proposal that meets the specific needs of the area. This way, in their respective regions, networks:

    • identify the advisory services eligible for funding;
    • direct agricultural producers toward qualified providers;
    • determine the assistance percentage to be paid per subsidized service;
    • keep budgets for subsidized services;
    • support agricultural producers concerning budgetary envelope management.

    Find the contact information of your region’s réseau Agriconseils.