Professionals Serving the Networks

The MAPAQ (Quebec Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) mandates the Coordination services-conseils (CSC) for the every day support of the Réseaux Agriconseils. Besides the completion of different projects and sound management of the networks, the CSC:

  • supports all 13 Réseaux Agriconseils as regards their mission as regional one-stop shop for advisory services to agricultural and agri-food businesses;
  • supports the proper functioning of the networks;
  • ensures compliance with the mandate and the increased administrative efficiency of the Réseaux Agriconseils;
  • promotes the networks and advisory services;
  • develops group tools for networks and the advisory provider.

Contact one of the members of the Coordination services-conseils team.

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Partnership with the MAPAQ: Advisory Services Program

The MAPAQ confides the application of the Advisory Services Program (ASP) to the Réseaux Agriconseils. This program is stemming from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership .

The ASP is promoting the competitiveness and sustainability of Quebec agricultural and agri-food businesses. Its aim is to have a greater number of businesses receiving, through the Réseaux Agriconseils, a wider range of services for supporting managers in conducting their business.

The financial assistance provided enables businesses, on an individual basis, to benefit from advisory services in agri-food, management, technique and added value . This assistance is also provided to groups of businesses pursuing common goals, specifically concerning knowledge transfer and sharing.

This program is effective until March 31, 2018.